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The older you get, the lonelier you become. Are you 50yrs old and above and you feel you've not spent all your God given talents on earth? Please REFUSE TO DIE BEFORE YOU DIE. Add some pep to your life, join this global force, showcase your talents while catching a lot of fun and ageing with swag. Join ABOVE 50 FOOTBALL today. There will soon be an Above 50 Football Club close to where you live so you can easily go for trainings and be part of Above 50 tournaments and activities. It's for both male and female, skilled or unskilled.
The first thing you do is choose a club, then register under it. If you can't find a club at your location, you can create one and register under it.

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NOTE: This is a general club for everybody, players, supporters club, medical team, welfare team, media team, entertainment team, coaches, referees, technical team, etc theres something for everyone, so its not just about who can play football, its a fun group that pulls people out of loneliness and dying in silence.
When signing up you must choose at least one department. There will be male and female clubs, all Above 50. Every club must have a financial advisor and medical doctor who will be helping members to make good money and keep their health in good shape always. Let's shake the world together.
Above 50 Football ...Just Starting Life

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